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About the Author




Pillar 1: Resilience

CHAPTER 1 Coping with life 

CHAPTER 2 The impact of not 

CHAPTER 3 The Alternative 


Pillar 2: Authenticity 

CHAPTER 4 Conditioning 

CHAPTER 5 Patterning and Values 

CHAPTER 6 The Alternative 

Pillar 3: Entrepreneurial Spirit 

CHAPTER 7 Understanding The Value 

CHAPTER 8 Developmental vs Behavioural 

CHAPTER 9 The Alternative   


Wrap Up  

Next Step 




As a parent of 2 school aged children whom I have signed up to all manner of activities, I have seen the benefits to their growth and development in response to the coaching they have received. When I reflect on how I can support and equip my children to navigate peer relationships, their thoughts, emotions and decision-making skills, I couldn't be more grateful that Aliesha is building resources and a service offering to do just that. The world we live in grows more complex each day, so much so, that I worry about my ability to keep pace with the known and unknown adverse influences awaiting my children. For me, the question of whether I am doing all I can to proactively cultivate robust emotional and mental health well-being is eased by knowing that I have Aliesha in their corner. Having known Aliesha for over 12 years both professionally and personally, I have seen her intuitive ability to connect with people of all ages and support their self-development translate into a passion for empowering the growth of children and young people. I am excited to see the positive impact she will contribute to families with the tools and strategies she has to share.


Aliesha’s strong work ethic and can-do attitude to work and life means she sets high standards for herself and then goes about achieving them! She is a dedicated ‘people person’ who draws from her work and life experiences to share, guide and coach others both personally and professionally. Wiring this book speaks to these strengths and her insights are a gift given with generosity!



Aliesha embodies a rare blend of sensitivity and strength, showcasing remarkable patience and understanding. Her unique gift lies in perceiving strengths within others that often go unnoticed, quietly nurturing and inspiring them to reach greater heights. She effortlessly fosters warmth in relationships, enriching the lives of those around her.



I have known Aliesha for more than 5 years. We first met due to a shared love of art and a desire for genuine personal connection. We lived together during Covid-19 and she possesses a quiet inner strength and resilience. Aliesha has an incredible work ethic and a dedication to discretion and ethical standards. She also genuinely cares for others, both professionally and personally, and is very approachable.


I have known Aliesha for the past 14 years. During this time, I have had the pleasure of seeing Aliesha excel due to a number of fundamental reasons. Her engagement, caring and supportive nature is not only apparent, but also genuine. She has an innate ability to develop trust through her clear communication and this allows her to create, foster, and enjoy strong relationships in her career and on a personal level. Aliesha endeavours to find the silver lining in any situation. Rather than allow the negatives to distract her from the end result, she will collectively bring people along on a journey. One of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing in my adult life.



I count myself lucky to call Aliesha my friend. Always poised to listen, be a confidant and render sage advice, she’s there for me when I need her. Although through the busyness of life we can go long periods between catching up, when we do, it’s as though no time has passed. The instant arrival to comfort speaks to Aliesha’s openness and genuine regard. I always leave our engagements feeling more balanced and capable to tackle whatever life throws at me.


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