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Latest interview with Feel Good Fatherhood

Discover how the balance between creativity, authenticity, and resilience shapes your child's future.

🎨✨ As parents, one of our greatest joys lies in nurturing our children’s natural creativity and helping them stay true to themselves. In our most recent episode of Feel Good Fatherhood, we welcomed the insightful Aliesha Embleton, a Child Development Coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker, trainer and mentor, to discuss how traditional education systems and societal expectations can sometimes stifle creativity. We explore how to cultivate these traits in children and provide practical tips for parents. She emphasizes the need for consistency, curiosity, and self-trust in fostering these qualities. The conversation highlights the role of parents in helping children navigate challenges, discover their interests and passions, and develop a growth mindset. By stacking these foundational elements, parents can set their children up for success in life.

Listening to this episode might just provide you with essential tools to enhance your child’s resilience. How do you support your child in building emotional strength and resilience? 💪

Key Takeaways:

Resilience, authenticity, and entrepreneurial spirit are key traits to cultivate in children for future success.

Consistency is crucial in developing resilience and maintaining creativity.

Parents should encourage their children to explore their interests and passions.

Helping children develop self-trust and a growth mindset is essential for their personal and professional growth.

Stacking these foundational elements will set children up for success in life.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

✏️ How to maintain and nurture creativity in your children, despite the pressures of traditional education systems, and foster an entrepreneurial mindset that encourages innovation and risk-taking.

✏️ The importance of resilience, coping strategies, and emotional self-awareness for children

✏️ Practical advice on recognizing and addressing signs of stress and discomfort in young people.

Standout Quotes:

"Resilience, authenticity, and entrepreneurial spirit are fundamental pieces for setting children up for future success."

"Authenticity is about being your true self and holding true to your values."

"Every single child is different and that what is unique for them is what's going to make them the most special because no one else in the world can bring what they have to bring.”

"It's really around viewing mistakes as those stepping stones in learning and in growth and in development because there is no such thing as a mistake then. It's simply a learning opportunity, and it's really that mindset that we need to sort of foster, in our children so that they've got that curiosity that that problem-solving ability, you know, really being able to lay that foundation for them for that future success, in no matter what it is that they look to do thereafter.”

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00:00 Introduction and Overview

19:25 The Role of Consistency and Curiosity

26:16 Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit

39:00 Building Resilience and Maintaining Creativity


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