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The program is a careful blend of evidence-informed methods and practical skills tailored to the individual needs of your child. This is drawn from bridging academic research and practical skills development strategies applicable to children.

Is the program effective for all children?

Aliesha integrates proven behavioural science approaches into her coaching and mentoring. She offers robust online and in-person training programs for supporting your child that are based on the fundamentals of psychology and coaching. Aliesha’s methods have a close relationship with the human mind and human behaviour and can provide fundamental tools to support the development and improvement of intrinsic motivation (behaviour which is driven by internal rewards).

How can I trust the methods are scientifically sound?

This is an opportunity to invest in your child’s future success. These are high-end, high-value, and transformative services. Coaching offers invaluable benefits with a long-term impact on development.

Is the cost justifiable for the services provided?

What keeps you up at night?

  • I worry that I'm not doing enough for the children.

  • I worry that they don't have the resilience to deal with the challenges in life because we have a lot of financial freedom and have such a strong family, but they haven't faced the level of adversity that some of their peers may have.

  • I worry that they are following the trends and aren't learning who they really are as a person.

  • I've seen many times when things haven't gone their way because they didn't win the sporting event or they didn't get the part they wanted in the school play, and I've watched them meltdown and be unable to process and bounce back from that adversity and this really scares me. How will they be able to deal with life if they can't even handle getting a different part in the school play than what they wanted.

  • I worry that our financial freedom has actually done them a disservice because they’ve never had to want for anything in life, they've never had to strive to get anything. It’s always been available to them when they want it.

  • I worry how the children would handle life if something were to happen and we didn't have that same substantial income. Would they even be able to cope with a change in their world?

  • I worry that their world is very small and restrictive to only people who are similar to them, and they're not getting exposure to the wonders of the diversity of life.

  • I worry the children aren't getting the skills that they need through teaching and learning offered by the school, and I don't have the time to supplement their learning. Even if I did, the children wouldn't listen to me! They listen to people external to the family more than their own parents when it comes to important things like life skills – many who they listen to are their peers or influencers on social media.

  • I worry that the children are only getting to focus on academic achievements at school and that's not enough. I know deep down they need more than academics to get them ahead in life. I feel lost on how to help them though.

  • I worry about the sense of entitlement levels the children exhibit because we are well off. How do I make them more grounded ready to face the world?

  • My children struggle to bounce back when they face adversity. I notice an increase of this struggle with each year that they get older, and I am worried that they will not have the resilience they need to cope with life as they go into their teen years and into adulthood. They are only in primary school at the moment and they already show a lacking of these skills.

  • When they do face challenges, or difficult tasks/assignments at school, they seem to freeze and be unable to work through the problem they are facing. I am worried that they don’t have a mindset geared towards innovation and problem solving.

  • My children will sit back and wait for me to tell them each and every step they need to take in life. I am worried they are not learning how to take initiative and that this will affect their future levels of success.

  • As they are getting older, I’m noticing an increasing amount of influence by their peers and external sources. This is changing how they view themselves and what interests and passions they are following. Things that I know mean a lot to them, such as my daughter’s gift for painting and my son’s interest in gardening, are things they are not engaging in because they don’t think it’s cool to do so, and they are worried they won’t fit in if they follow their true interests and passions because people will think they are weird.

This unique, personalised coaching approach extends beyond traditional resources. The emphasis is on coaching to equip, empower, and enable children before the age of 12 to prime their minds for success.

Can I find similar value from other sources or books?

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